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All Girls Rock! 
A few years ago I wrote a poem entitled "All Girls Rock". The poem was birthed from a series of conversations between me and my two daughters, Tianna and Brittany. The topic of conversation included the beauty of all women and girls, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, culture, and religious beliefs. The poem gave birth to a collection of illustrations of different women and girls, equally beautiful, that all rock. The poem is below:
Nice girls rock!
Smart girls rock!
Talented girls rock!

Ambitious, dedicated, motivated girls rock!
Self-loving, self-determined, self-controlled girls rock!
Thoughtful, joyful, peaceful girls rock!

Tall, skinny, short, round girls rock!
White, black, red, yellow, brown girls rock!
Mother, daughter, auntie, cousin, sister, friend girls rock!

Baby girls rock!
Student girls rock!
Wife girls rock!
Single mom girls rock!
Corporate America girls rock!
Retired girls rock!

‘Thanking GOD’ girls rock!
‘Making it happen’ girls rock!
‘Gotta a purpose’, ‘Gotta a plan’, ‘Gotta a dream’ girls rock!
All girls rock!

These illustrations are available on various products at Redbubble at All Girls Rock!   The collection will grow in time, so please check back often to see what's new.
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