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Coloring is not just fun...it is calming, therapeutic, and the perfect antidote to life’s everyday stresses. 

MY HAPPY PLACE (vol 1 & 2) and HAPPY DAYS are Art Therapy Coloring Book filled with more than 50 mandalas and designs, ranging from beginner to advanced level, designed to help unlock your imagination and help you relax and express yourself. 

Using your imagination, these illustrations, and whatever medium you want - crayons, markers, color pencils, pens, etc. - you can create a beautiful and unique world of stillness and peace. 

All are available on Amazon.

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Books by Tammy
Additional Works by Tammy
Beauty Secrets: A Collection of Creative Works of Art and Lyrical Poetry features the epic poem “Beauty Secrets”.  

Beauty Secrets is intended to spark a conversation about the issues and secrets that so many people, especially women and girls, hide and often times bury deep inside their hearts and their souls. It is my hope that the sparked conversation opens the door for the healing process to begin, the restoration of spirit, the rebuilding of self-esteem and self-confidence, and ultimately stepping into the beautiful whole person God created each of us to be. 

Beauty Secrets is now available on Amazon

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In addition to creating and designing art, Tammy is also an author and illustrator.  In 2016, Tammy authored, illustrated, and published two Gratitude Journals.
Gratitude is defined as an emotion expressing thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation for what you have. Cultivating gratitude increases your well-being and thereby your happiness. Practice gratitude and watch you begin to transform your life. These journals will help you begin the journey by helping to structure a pattern of practicing gratitude.  
In 2016, Tammy answered a deep calling in her spirit and illustrated the story "Sister Girls" that she had authored many years prior.  Sister Girls is a sweet story of a curly, brown-haired girl named Sasha who really wants a sister. Sasha dreams of a sister that she can talk to and play with. Sasha learns how to make new friends, new girls friends. With bold and colorful illustrations, this story is a sweet inspiration for every girl that dreams of sisters and friends.  

Sister Girls is available on Amazon.
Both are available on Amazon.