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My First Video Blog

by Tammy Groves Thornton on 04/17/16

Click the link below to listening in as I discuss my Art Therapy Coloring Books, "My Happy Place" and "Happy Days", and how they were birthed. 


Mhoon Ancestors

by Tammy Groves Thornton on 11/04/15

I was recently commissioned by a lifelong friend and former classmate, Tarvis, to give life to a recurrent thought/dream that she had depicting her ancestors. This piece is one of the most emotional pieces that I have ever completed as it depicts a lineage filled with pain and triumph. The pains associated with being stolen from their native land, shackled and shipped across the ocean into the unknown, and the blood, sweat and tears shed on cotton plantations across North Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi are deeply and darkly depicted on canvas. The triumphant story of survival of her Mhoon ancestors is depicted in the blazon red, green,and yellow, with the Mhoon name center stage, solidifying all pieces of this story and of her history.

As I painted this piece, I had such a wide range of thoughts and emotions with each stroke of my brush. I am both grateful and proud to share this part of defining her history, as well as shaping her future by giving her a conversation piece birthed from a dream.


TGTArt is featured on the cover of Memphis Downtowner Magazine!!!

by Tammy Groves Thornton on 04/20/15

My art is on the cover of March/April 2015 issue of the Memphis Downtowner Magazine!!!!!

Excerpt from the Memphis Downtowner Magazine, "“One City One Love” is an acrylic on canvas by native Memphian Tammy Groves Thornton, a graphic artist and photographer w exhibits nationwide. “The Pyramid is one of Memphis’s most symbolic landmarks,” she says. “The painting reinforces that we are one city, one love. On the outside, we all look different, but on the inside, we’re the same: We each have a sparkly red heart beating within.” To see more of Tammy’s works, visit tammygrovesthornton.com."

The Light of Peace

by Tammy Groves Thornton on 10/02/14

“The Light of Peace” is comprised of many, different colors dancing harmoniously on canvas.  Each color is representative of our diversities/differences: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, culture, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.  The word “PEACE” is purposely painted in white, symbolizing light, which white light itself ironically contains all of the colors of the spectrum.  It gives the illusion that “PEACE” is illuminating the colors beneath.  The center letter “A” in the word “PEACE” is painted larger than the rest of the letters and creates the illusion of both a heart and arms outstretched.  The heart symbolizes love and compassion and empathy from one human being to another, regardless of our diversities/differences.  The arms outstretched or two extremities reaching out from itself and at the same time pulling back to its source represents our connectedness and our need for each other and the need to care and love for one another, despite our differences.  Peace is the harmony. Peace is the freedom. Peace is the link and the light between each and every human being on earth.

“The Light of Peace” was submitted to the World Citizen Artists competition to raise global awareness through creativity.

My New Book...Beauty Secrets!!!

by Tammy Groves Thornton on 08/10/14

Exciting News!!!  My new book, Beauty Secrets: A Collection of Creative Works of Art and Lyrical Poetry, which features the epic poem “Beauty Secrets” is finally done!!!

Beauty Secrets is intended to spark a conversation about the issues and secrets that so many people, especially women and girls, hide and often times bury deep inside their hearts and their souls. It is my hope that the sparked conversation opens the door for the healing process to begin, the restoration of spirit, the rebuilding of self-esteem and self-confidence, and ultimately stepping into the beautiful whole person God created each of us to be.

Beauty Secrets is now available on Amazon.

Click here to learn more!

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